“We started with moving pictures, then came sound, then came colour, then came CGI, then came 3D. It’s always been about putting us into the movie.” Edward Saatchi – Producer, Oculus Story Studio.

Can we really be put into an environment that is so real, which would make you feel like you were there? Unlike any ordinary movie, the director will select what you are going to see. In the virtual reality movies you can choose where to look. This feature is going to change everything.

Experiencing Oculus Rift will make you feel more emotionally attached to the characters because everything seems to be real. Your eyes will deceive you..

Oculus disposes of its own in-house Story Studio division. Oculus Story Studio is experimenting and producing all sorts of virtual reality movies. The division consists of old staff members from Pixar and Light & Magic. Filmmakers, directors, animators, technologists and designers of Story Studio are exploring the realtime story-driven virtual reality experiences. Watch the video about Oculus Story Studio and become just as inspired as we are!

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