Our award winning short film

A short film about the sweet intimacy and destructive power of social media – told from the point of view of a smartphone.

#tagged is the story of Elise, a 14 year old girl, and her mobile phone. We watch as the content she posts on different social media gets out of hand, and out of her control. Her phone turns from being her best friend to her worst enemy…
In a unique concept, we view 24 hours in the life of a young teenager, from the perspective of her smartphone. Looking through her eyes, we view her surroundings only via her smartphone, and only when it is turned on.

Part of the appeal of the film, is the use of long, uninterrupted takes, and no special effects. Everything you see is live and actually happening, both on the mobile screen, as in the surrounding area. It proves to be an intense viewing experience, truly envisioning what the role of mobile phones is for 14-year olds these days (we rehearsed several weeks with a large group of young teens for veracity).

The film works immersively, capturing the audience’s gaze and confronting them with a view that is instantly recognizable. Looking at our phones we forget the area around us. Shutting off while turning on…

#tagged has been selected in competition of over 40 international film festivals so far, garnering universal acclaim, and winning 12 awards, among them the Grand Prize at New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles, Best International Short Film at Dublin Web Fest, Best Director at The European Independent Film Festival, New Renaissance Humanity Award at New Renaissance Film Festival, an Official Webby Awards Honoree and was nominated for a prestigious Rose d’Or in Berlin (alongside productions like The Crown, Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders).

Made in collaboration with NPO 3LAB and KRO-NCRV.

Martijn Winkler

Anne Koopmanschap
Gervaise Coebergh