ANWB helps you with selling your car trough their sales service


ANWB asked us to come up with a short viral video to create some awareness for their customer service. ANWB’s car sales service helps their customers with selling their cars. Customers can check the offer for their car by ANWB in only five short and simple steps. They only have to provide their license plate, mileage, extra options, damage and personal details.

So did you ever try to sell your car by yourself? Then you probably met some of the characters featuring in our comic video. Also you probably experienced the same issues and problems as the couple in the video. Annoying discussions and ongoing negotiations. So after several attempts of the couple to sell their car by themselves, all gone wrong, they finally discover the service of ANWB.

Eventually the service of ANWB helps them easy and fast without annoying discussions and negotiations.  Thus way better than bringing yourself into situations shown in our video.

This video was part of a broad campagne and distributed trough various social media platforms. ANWB used their YouTube account and Facebook page to spread the video, and successfully managed to reach a lot of their members and customers.



Client:   ANWB
Concept & Production:   VERTOV
Director:   Martijn Winkler
Social Media:   ANWB

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