Communicating a delicate issue: toilet smells



For Geberit Netherlands we were asked to communicate a delicate issue: toilet smells. A subject everyone recognizes, but no one talks about. Due to politeness, awkwardness, or even shame.

It turns out that not only are people bothered by other people’s unpleasant smells after visiting a toilet, but also that people try to hide their own smell from others, even spouses and loved ones. In Geurbusters we focused on this issue of shame and trying to hide one’s smell, by creating a faux-documentary: Geurbusters features several characters who go to great lengths to hide their smell (or that of a loved one). Over the top? Yes. Recognizable? Very!
Of course there is an easy and effective solution to this issue: the DuoFresh by Geberit.

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Client:  Geberit
Concept & Production:  VERTOV
Director:  Martijn Winkler
Social Media:  VERTOV, Geberit


Reach/views:  500,000+
Social channels:  YouTube, Facebook




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