Introducing Tumblr to the Dutch people and media



For their Dutch launch, we were asked by Tumblr to introduce them to “the Dutch people and media”. Now, Tumblr is not as widespread or known here in the Netherlands. Especially the established Dutch media are clueless about (and not necessarily interested in) an online blogging platform per se. Instead of focusing on Tumblr then (the product, the platform, the technical side, etc.) we decided that the best definition of Tumblr is… its users!

So we proposed doing a video series, portraits of ‘Awesome Dutch Tumblr Users’. Let them tell their stories about how and why they blog, what drives them, what inspires them… not even necessarily focusing on Tumblr in doing so. A series on Digital Culture almost.

The videos feature Ernst-Jan Pfauth blogger and journalist for NRC.Next, Jeanique photographer and online personality, Imaginenanana an immensely popular teen blog focused on boyband One Direction and a lot of self-help questions, simurai a web/tech developer & blogger, and GabyGaby, a social media savvy established artist.

Watch the entire series on our special Vimeo Channel.

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Client:   Tumbler
Concept & Production:   VERTOV
Director: Martijn Winkler
Social Media:   VERTOV




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