Creating awareness for EasyJet’s partnership with UNICEF



Check out the cute and rather funny event we set up at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to kick off the special easyJet/UNICEF campaign: passengers can donate their spare change on board all flights this summer. Did you know: only 1 euro can vaccinate 2 children against a deadly disease, such as measles!

The online video created a noticeable buzz and awareness for the partnership of easyJet with UNICEF. Passengers were motivated to donate their spare change to UNICEF on board: 1 million euro’s were donated within 1 month. The video and partnership of the two brands was also covered in numerous (online) media outlets and social media.

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Client:   easyjet/UNICEF
Concept & Production:   VERTOV
Director:   Martijn Winkler
Social Media:   VERTOV, easyjet


Donations:   1000.000+ within 1 month



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