Roadside Assistance as the Perfect Gift!



ANWB wanted to inform their consumers about one of their products; the roadside assistance gift card. We took giving roadside assistance as a gift literally and created this funny video for their website. The video shows some hilarious but awkward situations where a Dutch roadside assistant is literally given to someone as a gift.

Besides a lot of awkward moments the video does also show some occasions which are very suited for the ANWB roadside assistance gift card. For example it’s a great gift to give to a just married couple or youngsters who graduated their driving licence.

Because giving a real life roadside assistant would produce a whole lot of trouble, it is way more easier to give the ANWB roadside assistance gift card! It’s an easy gift to give and less trouble to receive.

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Client:   ANWB
Concept & Production:   VERTOV
Director: Martijn Winkler
Social Media:   VERTOV, ANWB


Reach/views:   1,000,000+
Social channels:   YouTube, Facebook



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