What is your Idea for TEDxAmsterdam?

To generate buzz and attract applicants for the Award, we created a video series that asked people in the streets of Amsterdam about their passion for ideas. Can an idea be too outlandish? Are new ideas better than old ones? What’s the use of an idea if nothing is done with it?
The videos were spread online, via the TEDxAmsterdam.com website, the varying partner websites and of course via social media, connecting with TED fans all over the Netherlands.

We were pleasantly surprised by all the heartfelt reactions. And moreover: the resulting amount of applicants for the Award were staggering and of high quality. Mission accomplished!

The TEDxAmsterdam Award an annual idea competition, looking for inspiring ideas that have a positive influence on our society, and particularly focusing on the ideas that have a link with the Netherlands. The winner will get access to the TEDxAmsterdam community and will be invited to present their idea on stage in the Stadsschouwburg on November 30th.


Client:   TEDxAmsterdam
Concept & Production:   VERTOV
Director: Martijn Winkler
Social Media:   VERTOV


Social channels:  YouTube, Facebook