We are thrilled and proud to announce that VERTOV has been nominated for the prestigious Gold SABRE Award for the Winter Is Coming campaign (ANWB)! The SABRE Awards are seen as the Oscars for European PR and Social Media campaigns, and we are in good company, competing with major advertising, social media and PR firms from around the world. Our sister agency Coebergh Communicatie & PR has been nominated for their PR work on Amsterdam Light Festival and a.s.r. De Andere Tour as well, so our trip to Berlin this May will be a smash no matter the outcome. 😉

Winter Is Coming was also nominated for The Beste Social Media Award in Amsterdam, last year. And we won the SABRE Award once before, for our Rituals Cosmetics campaign Laughing Buddha. So perhaps we’ll manage 2-in-a-row? Stay posted!

Check out all the nominations here.