Hard work pays off! Out of all the great online video’s of 2014, our ANWB viral hit ‘Winter is Coming’ has been nominated for De Beste Social Media Awards 2015 in the category Best Creative! It is a splendid acknowledgement for our nudge nudge wink wink viral homage to Game of Thrones. Check it out here.


De Best Social Media Awards are awarded to Dutch brands, companies, influencers and celebrities that performed best on Social Media platforms. De Best Social Media was founded in 2013 by Studio Diederik Broekhuizen. Initiator Diederik Broekhuizen: “Social Media has matured and deserves its own price. We are very pleased with the positive reactions. Companies and brands are seeking recognition and quality in the constant stream of messages on Social Media.

The jury this year consists of: Renske de Greef (writer and columnist), Erik Mouse Shop (comedian), Jordi van de Bovenkamp (funniest Twitterer 2013), Roos van Vugt (social media strategist) Gonnie Spijkstra (blogger and trending specialist) , Martijn Pronk (publisher and chief media & publications Rijksmuseum) and Rocco Stallvord (founder of influential marketing bureau ‘First’) .

The award ceremony will be held on Thursday 11th of June in B-Amsterdam.