What is NNF?
On a yearly basis the Dutch Film Festival (NFF) represents the interests of the Dutch film and culture by putting it into attention in a appealing way. Films from short to long, from arthouse to mainstream, from analog to digital. Feature films, documentaries, animations, short films, television dramas and events for young and old. In the Dutch film capital Utrecht, the Dutch film discipline is showcased and promoted on the platform it deserves for ten days straight.

Both Dutch film professionals as a large national audience visit the annual festival for a variety of programs. With talk shows, workshops, debates, film parties and of course the film screenings the Dutch Film Festival is ensured to be a lively, informative, inspiring and creative festival. The returning highlight of the NFF is the competition for the Grand Prizes of the Dutch Film, the Golden Calves.

NNF Game Sessions
On Friday the 26th of September NFF Games Sessions, part of NFF Interactive, will take place. With NNF Game Sessions the Dutch Film Festival (NFF) looks ahead and provides plenty of space for transmedia
projects that explore the boundaries of  the ‘cinematic’ story. NFF Game Sessions wants to encourage the film and video games industries to do more crossovers, for it would benefit both disciplines.

The hosts of this afternoon full of innovative projects will be Vertov’s creative director Martijn Winkler  and Matthijs Dierckx (CONTROL Magazine). Together with contributions by the inventors and creators of the game Perloo, storytelling specialist Tomas Sala (Chicken Little) and director Maartje Nevejan (eg of Canta National Ballet) and Bram Rider Super Game Jam series they will try to find answers to the question if gameplay is really at odds with telling a good story and virtual reality, or that it perhaps is a ideal tool for screenwriters.

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Source: NFF, Filmkrant

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