Check out our showreel

April 2, 2014VERTOV News

Check out our new showreel where we show some of our recent stories, collected and edited for your viewing pleasure. Sit back, enjoy and tell us what’s your story?

How to tell your story in 2014

January 14, 2014Storytelling

This is a very entertaining, cheeky and spot-on presentation about storytelling, marketing and social media. Highly recommended! Storytelling in 2014 from Gary Vaynerchuk

Interview with founder Martijn Winkler

January 7, 2014VERTOV In the media

Interview with VERTOV’s Martijn Winkler in the redesigned and newly launched Communicatie Magazine – the authoritative publication in the Netherlands for marketing, communication and pr professionals. Vertov is showcased as an example of the new trend for established agencies (like Coebergh) to create specific ‘labels’ for digital campaigns and creative content. Martijn talks about the benefits this has … Read More

The invisible bicycle helmet

December 15, 2013Inspiration, Storytelling

Did you already see this creative solution for the old school, not so charming bicycle helmet? Two Swedish design students created a revolutionary exam project. Watch the video and find out if this new type of helmet suits you.

Christmas Shopping with Fabulous Bloggers

November 22, 2013VERTOV News

It’s never too early for some Christmas shopping inspiration! Well, these four fabulous bloggers agreed anyway, shopping to their heart’s content for stylish Christmas decorations at Intratuin… Merry Christmas!

Stay Together

November 5, 2013Inspiration, Storytelling

This video series by Skype is a great example of the power of digital storytelling: it showcases personal stories about actual people who are enabled to stay together via Skype. In a direct and yet organic way, we see how Skype integrates into the fabric of people’s lives; and we get to know some fascinating … Read More

The aging process of a human being

September 15, 2013Inspiration

Danielle by Anthony Cerniello Stunning video portraying the aging process of a person. Simple concept, amazingly intricate and perfect execution, and emotionally intense viewing experience. Just so you know: even though Danielle is based on a real person (and photos of her family memnbers at different ages), this is a virtual animation. Watch it full … Read More

Y-Community Ignite Edition rocked!

July 3, 2013Storytelling, VERTOV News

Here’s a quick impression of the inspiring talks on storytelling that we hosted at Chapter 21 last week. Thanks for joining us everyone and see you next time! Join the Y-Community Facebook Page to stay updated. Photos by Aico Lind (

Grab the audience

March 29, 2012Storytelling, VERTOV In the media

Great article in renowned trend-watching magazine Second Sight about VERTOV, our vision of the digital age, and how to create compelling stories for ‘The People Formerly Known As The Audience’. This March 2012 issue was all about ‘Making Worlds’ and that is certainly something we always strive for! A short excerpt: These are exciting times for … Read More