Nominated for a Gold SABRE Award!

April 18, 2016VERTOV News

We are thrilled and proud to announce that VERTOV has been nominated for the prestigious Gold SABRE Award for the Winter Is Coming campaign (ANWB)! The SABRE Awards are seen as the Oscars for European PR and Social Media campaigns, and we are in good company, competing with major advertising, social media and PR firms … Read More

Eindelijk ijskrabben!

January 20, 2016VERTOV News

Voor de ANWB ‘Goed Zicht’ actie, maakten we deze video en social media campagne om mensen te attenderen dat winterkou ook leuk kan zijn. Na een nacht vorst is het weer tijd om de voorruit te krabben. Vervelend klusje… maar je kan er ook wat moois van maken. Wees eens creatief met je ijskrabber en … Read More

Documentary: The Last Reel

September 29, 2015Inspiration, Storytelling

The era of the traditional movie projector is slowly disappearing. Goodbye dirt and debris, hiss and crackle, wobbling images… If you look at digital filters these days, on Instagram for instance, it seems we’re trying to bring back these nostalgic imperfections to our digital images… But due to the economic advantage of digital video, we’re … Read More


August 25, 2015Inspiration, Storytelling

Such a lovely, melancholy short film. How much is your life dictated by tech and social media connections and.. hold on, I’ve got a mention on Twitter. Just a sec. A search for higher meaning, dissatisfaction with the status quo and a sense that you’re the first person to feel this way. You’re not. A … Read More

Science is awesome!

August 24, 2015Inspiration

Take a look at this episode of Future Impossible titled: The Story of Light. Don’t you think that we live in amazing times? We certainly do! Great example of content marketing done right, for tech company Bell Labs.

‘Verboden voor bakfietsen!’ Onze nieuwe candid prank…

July 15, 2015VERTOV News

We gingen een dagje ‘undercover’ om fietsers te confronteren met ‘nieuwe’ en vooral onzinnige verkeersborden. Zoals Verboden voor bakfietsen. En Wielrenners niet harder dan 18 km/uur. Alles in het kader van de nieuwe ANWB campagne #verkeersvriendelijkheid. Kijk mee hoe iedereen erop reageerde:

Our new campaign for ANWB: #vakantiecoach

June 15, 2015Storytelling, VERTOV News

The first episode of our new campaign for the Dutch Roadside Assistance (ANWB Wegenwacht) was released online today. In the series a hilarious holiday coach (#vakantiecoach) sets out to help vacationers struggling with screaming kids, too much luggage or a bulky caravan. The campaign focuses on the assistance from the ANWB Wegenwacht – even when … Read More

Jan Taminiau and Auping!

June 9, 2015VERTOV News

Our online video makes it to prime time showbizz tv: RTL Boulevard! Couturiers nowadays don’t limit themselves to creating beautiful dresses. Acclaimed Dutch fashion designer Jan Taminiau even has thoughts on what to do fashionably with… beds! Jan Taminiau and the Dutch bed manufacturer Auping recently introduced their collaboration to the press and public, through a video, … Read More

Nominated for Beste Social Media Award!

June 9, 2015VERTOV In the media, VERTOV News

Hard work pays off! Out of all the great online video’s of 2014, our ANWB viral hit ‘Winter is Coming’ has been nominated for De Beste Social Media Awards 2015 in the category Best Creative! It is a splendid acknowledgement for our nudge nudge wink wink viral homage to Game of Thrones. Check it out here. De Best Social … Read More