The viral video ‘Too Many Cooks’ can be the oddest thing you’ll watch in a long time. Either you’ll love all 11 minutes of it, or you’ll run away screaming within 10 seconds. Which option do you go for?

During the first 5 minutes, the video seems like a regular family sitcom. Just like any other TV show, you’ll watch the intro waiting for the actual storyline to begin. But the intro just keeps on going, it won’t end! This is getting annoying… Suddenly, for no reason, the happy opening theme morphs into a nightmare of existential dread, with the arrival of a serial-killer. Now what does a serial killer have to do with a happy family sitcom? We bet you’ll keep watching to find out!

This video has such a high level of unconditional weirdness, it simply glues you to the screen (well, it did us at least). Not knowing what comes next sounds straightforward enough, but how often do films actually challenge conventions and audiences’ assumptions? What do you think?

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