BeterThuis (BetterHome) is a socially driven initiative by Kiki Hirschfeldt and Gervaise Coebergh, who have both earned their spurs in the communications industry. BeterThuis is a response to the changing society: on one hand the traditional care is withering away, on the other hand today’s elderly people have different wishes than before. They want to direct their own lives and be able to control who enters their home and when they enter.

BeterThuis believes that in addition to a thorough screening of the home helpers, more attention should be paid to the personal connection between a home helper and the person receiving the care. We’re all human, are we not, with our own hiccups and preferences. Why not match up personal as well as professional qualities? BeterThuis provides in this need in the style of a datingsite: care seekers can search the site to find a matching care giver online.

At VERTOV we certainly support this lovely initiative and have helped BeterThuis to create the video above for their crowd funding appeal. 
Show your support and donate to this great initiative through the BeterThuis crowd funding campaign that runs until end of October. Learn more about BeterThuis at their website.


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