Great article in renowned trend-watching magazine Second Sight about VERTOV, our vision of the digital age, and how to create compelling stories for ‘The People Formerly Known As The Audience’. This March 2012 issue was all about ‘Making Worlds’ and that is certainly something we always strive for!

A short excerpt:

These are exciting times for storytellers and content makers, now that the internet makes it possible for people to easily create and distribute high-quality movies, in full HD even. This is truly a breakthrough, says Martijn Winkler, founder of the digital story agency VERTOV.

Martijn is originally a filmmaker and created prizewinning commercials, films and videos. He believes the phenomenon storytelling will be ever more important and we are at an interesting moment in history now. We are at a unique moment – a tipping point – in the development of the Internet, he says. Where the last 15 years have been dominated by technology and we wondered “how it works, what to do with it, how to use it better ‘, the technology is now so developed that we take it for granted. Internet works, always and everywhere. Due to its speed and dependability, we can distribute high-quality pictures and high quality sound; easily rivaling or even surpassing the old bastions of television and (home) cinema.

Read the full article online.

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