In the cozy Bellevue theatre in Amsterdam, the Dutch Directors Guild (DDG) celebrated its annual DDG award ceremony, honoring some of the best directors of 2014. Since 2007, the DDG organizes this ceremony to put the spotlight on directors. VERTOV’s creative director, Martijn Winkler, is president of the DDG and referred in his opening speech to the changing role of directors in a digital landscape.

Each category had three nominees, winners who where chosen by the members of the Dutch Directors Guild. The following directors won an award for their film:

  • Fiction / TV series: Michiel van Erp – Ramses
  • Fiction short: Peter Delpeut – One Hand Clapping
  • Documentary: Oeke Hoogendijk – Het Nieuwe Rijksmuseum, de film
  • Documentary short: Menno Otten – Face to Face
  • Commercial: Rogier Hesp – Buddyhond
  • Digital Storytelling: Tommy Pallotta, Femke Wolting – Last Hijack Interactive

The guests at the award ceremony were filmmakers, actors, producers and many influential representatives from the Dutch media landscape. It turned into quite a party,  with plenty attention given to all the nominated films and directors. Team VERTOV helped out with all the visuals and of course got the party started!

All of the films and projects are worth watching! Want to get a sneak peek of all nominations? Click here.

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