The era of the traditional movie projector is slowly disappearing. Goodbye dirt and debris, hiss and crackle, wobbling images… If you look at digital filters these days, on Instagram for instance, it seems we’re trying to bring back these nostalgic imperfections to our digital images… But due to the economic advantage of digital video, we’re actually losing the more than 100-year old tradition of celluloid motion picture film.

Local filmmakers Steve Bognar and Julia Reichert created a short documentary “The Last Reel” on New York Times’ Op-Docs. It tells you the story of the final days of projecting movies on 35mm celluloid film at the art house cinema “The Little Art Theatre”. The documentary celebrates the true beauty of movie projectors.

Bognar admits the irony of shooting the documentary with a digital camera. His motive was purely economic.

This short docu will make you wish you could travel back in time… don’t you think?