Campagne Geef een Wegenwacht cadeau!

March 7, 2017Storytelling, VERTOV News

De ANWB lanceert een nieuw product: het cadeaulidmaatschap van de Wegenwacht. Al vanaf €33,-: Om dat heuglijke feit te vieren bedacht en produceerde VERTOV een online campagne waarin we laten zien hoe het cadeau krijgen van zo’n Wegenwacht kan uitpakken… ? Productie: VERTOV Scenario en regie: Martijn Winkler Uitvoerend producent: Anne Koopmanschap Camera: Erwan van Buuren Geluid: … Read More

Documentary: The Last Reel

September 29, 2015Inspiration, Storytelling

The era of the traditional movie projector is slowly disappearing. Goodbye dirt and debris, hiss and crackle, wobbling images… If you look at digital filters these days, on Instagram for instance, it seems we’re trying to bring back these nostalgic imperfections to our digital images… But due to the economic advantage of digital video, we’re … Read More


August 25, 2015Inspiration, Storytelling

Such a lovely, melancholy short film. How much is your life dictated by tech and social media connections and.. hold on, I’ve got a mention on Twitter. Just a sec. A search for higher meaning, dissatisfaction with the status quo and a sense that you’re the first person to feel this way. You’re not. A … Read More

Our new campaign for ANWB: #vakantiecoach

June 15, 2015Storytelling, VERTOV News

The first episode of our new campaign for the Dutch Roadside Assistance (ANWB Wegenwacht) was released online today. In the series a hilarious holiday coach (#vakantiecoach) sets out to help vacationers struggling with screaming kids, too much luggage or a bulky caravan. The campaign focuses on the assistance from the ANWB Wegenwacht – even when … Read More

Daylight Savings

March 30, 2015Inspiration, Storytelling

After the winter of ’13-’14, on the first day of Daylight Savings Time (or: Summer Time), we created a tongue-in-cheek online video – Horrorwinter – for the ANWB Roadside Assistance. This viral hit can easily be repeated for this year’s winter, because it turned out to be just as cold and horrifying – wink wink – as one year … Read More

Visual storytelling

March 13, 2015Inspiration, Storytelling

“We started with moving pictures, then came sound, then came colour, then came CGI, then came 3D. It’s always been about putting us into the movie.” Edward Saatchi – Producer, Oculus Story Studio. Can we really be put into an environment that is so real, which would make you feel like you were there? Unlike … Read More

Too Many Cooks

February 5, 2015Inspiration, Storytelling

The viral video ‘Too Many Cooks’ can be the oddest thing you’ll watch in a long time. Either you’ll love all 11 minutes of it, or you’ll run away screaming within 10 seconds. Which option do you go for? During the first 5 minutes, the video seems like a regular family sitcom. Just like any other TV show, you’ll watch … Read More

365 – A One Word Per Day Reflection On Time

January 5, 2015Inspiration, Storytelling

Once a day during an entire year, this kid recorded himself saying one word from a thoughtful speech about the passage of time. Yes, that’s 365 words, recorded over 365 days, one word at a time. Great storytelling project, where form meets content. Well done!