The invisible bicycle helmet

December 15, 2013Inspiration, Storytelling

Did you already see this creative solution for the old school, not so charming bicycle helmet? Two Swedish design students created a revolutionary exam project. Watch the video and find out if this new type of helmet suits you.

Stay Together

November 5, 2013Inspiration, Storytelling

This video series by Skype is a great example of the power of digital storytelling: it showcases personal stories about actual people who are enabled to stay together via Skype. In a direct and yet organic way, we see how Skype integrates into the fabric of people’s lives; and we get to know some fascinating … Read More

The aging process of a human being

September 15, 2013Inspiration

Danielle by Anthony Cerniello Stunning video portraying the aging process of a person. Simple concept, amazingly intricate and perfect execution, and emotionally intense viewing experience. Just so you know: even though Danielle is based on a real person (and photos of her family memnbers at different ages), this is a virtual animation. Watch it full … Read More