365 – A One Word Per Day Reflection On Time

January 5, 2015Inspiration, Storytelling

Once a day during an entire year, this kid recorded himself saying one word from a thoughtful speech about the passage of time. Yes, that’s 365 words, recorded over 365 days, one word at a time. Great storytelling project, where form meets content. Well done!

100 Most Iconic Movie Shots of All Time

September 12, 2014Inspiration

Amazing how engrained these scenes and shots are in our collective thinking! How many can you recognize? (Hint: if you want to find out, heres a movie-title labeled version of the same clip: http://bit.ly/1sXkwht)

You are not a storyteller

August 5, 2014Inspiration, Storytelling

Stefan Sagmeister (renowned designer) has some compelling things to say about the b*llshit claims all sorts of people make about being storytellers. “No, you are not a f*cking storyteller!” Funny and – yes – insightful too. Oh, and a tip for all roller coaster designers out there: you are not storytellers, you are roller coaster … Read More

LILA kickstarts summer bliss

May 24, 2014Inspiration

LILA une musique de LIMOUSINE un documentaire du BROADCAST CLUB This absolutely stunning film captures the feeling of freedom and nostalgia in summer. Like an uplifting summertime blues. A poetic portrait of a place, a people, a belonging, a life… Watch this when you’re in need of a boost of life. Well, in any case, … Read More

The Evolution of Visual Effects

May 15, 2014Inspiration

Visual effects in cinema have evolved quite a bit since the invention of filmmaking. But through all the years one common trait remains: the sense of awe and wonder. Be it a trip to the moon (Le voyage dans la lune, 1902), or the parting of the Red Sea (The Ten Commandments, 1923), or seeing Tom Hanks next … Read More

Look Up

May 2, 2014Inspiration, Storytelling

Get off social media. Live in the moment. Put down your phone. Statements like these are heard more and more often nowadays. Many agree and think people are spending too much time looking at our phones and computers. This media we call social, is anything but. Music video director Gary Turk strongly believes its time … Read More

Most Shocking Second a Day Video

April 14, 2014Inspiration, Storytelling

Impressive short film that depicts the eruption of a civil war in London through the eyes of a young girl. Suddenly the civil war in Syria doesn’t feel that far away anymore… From Save The Children

THE GAP by Ira Glass

April 14, 2014Inspiration

From art-director Daniel Sax who pulled the audio from an already well-known (and terrific) interview with Ira Glass and transformed it into a beautiful piece of visual storytelling. I made it for myself and for anybody who is in doubt with his/her creative career. I also think that Ira Glass’ message isn’t only limited to the creative … Read More


April 14, 2014Inspiration

A Short Video Shot Around the World in One Day Entirely on iPhones.