An initiative by Wave International to get People to Vote


The 15th of March the second chamber elections took place in the Netherlands. Laurens van de Vijver, CEO of Wave International wanted to encourage people to use their democratic right of voting. He was inspired by the actions of barbers during the campaign of Obama. So in order to create a buzz around the subject and get people to vote, he and his team initiated a campaign. The goal of the campaign is to stimulate as much people as possible to turn up at the elections. The campaign informs people about the importance of voting however without expressing any political preferences.

We created a short viral clip for this campaign with a format fitted for various social media platforms. This clip features a divers set of people to strengthen the message that everyone is suited for voting. Due to using multiple social media platforms we reached over 300.000 people. At the 15th of March 80,8 percent of voters turned up to vote at the elections compared to 74,6 percent who turned up at the former elections in 2012.


Client:   Wave International
Concept & Production:   VERTOV
Director:   Martijn Winkler
Social Media:   VERTOV, Wave International


Reach/views:   300,000+
Social channels:   YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
Voting turnout:   80,8%


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