Fashion secrets of Leontine Borsato

Together with Shoeby, we did an online series about the Fashion Secrets of Dutch celebrity Leontine Borsato. The series introduces celebrity Leontine Borsato as new face for fashion brand Shoeby. Besides a weekly video with fashion tips by Leontine, the campaign also consisted of a launch party with the premiere of the video series and the introduction of the new collection.  You can check out the teaser of the series above. All the videos can be watched on the Shoeby’s YouTube channel.

The campaign resulted in a major engagement with Shoeby fans online and on social media. The video series was viewed over 100.000 times and created buzz and awareness for Shoeby as a brand and Leontine. Press (print, online, TV) also paid extensive attention to the campaign.


Client:   Shoeby
Concept & Production:   VERTOV
Director:   Martijn Winkler
Social Media:   VERTOV


Reach/views:   100.000+
Social channels:   YouTube, Facebook
Other channels:   Television, newspaper

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