Be fully prepared for the summer holidays with ANWB-Vakantiecoach!


For the Dutch Roadside Assistance (ANWB Wegenwacht) we created this 3-part online video series to make sure everyone leaving for the summer holidays is fully prepared.

In a joyous and colorful style the #vakantiecoach campaign plays with recognizable problems and frustrations of people traveling by car to their holiday destination. The first episode is about driving long distances with your kids. It shows screaming and fighting kids, bored, in need of lots of toilet stops and frustrated parents. The second episode shows the well know issue of packing way too many things, not closing suitcases and too little place in the car. In the third episode we see two people struggling while trying to park their caravan. All of the issues are even frustrating and hilariously familiar. However the ANWB-vakantiecoach is there when needed helping everyone with their problems.

The ANWB Wegenwacht is also here to help! With effective tips and tricks, and of course in the event of car trouble on the road, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


Client:   ANWB
Concept & Production:   VERTOV
Director:   Martijn Winkler
Social Media:   VERTOV, ANWB


Reach/views:   900,000+ within two weeks
Social channels:   YouTube, Facebook